Meteorological Expression
Meteorological Data
    TMY3 1020
    EnergyPlus 2126
    Meteonorm importable
Geometrical Expression
2D View
    Auto PV Array Placement
3D View
    Angle Free Operation Pan / Tilt / Zoom
    PV Module Placement
    PV Array Ceneration / Placement
    Automatic PV Array Placement
    PV Strings Configuration
    3D Model Positioning Move / Copy / Rotation
    3D Model Data Importing STL format
    Object Texture Image GIF / JPEG / BMP / PNG / TIFF format
    Shading Effects
    Reflected Light Effects
    3D View Images Output GIF / JPEG / BMP / PNG / TIFF format
    3D View Movie Output AVI / Animation-GIF format
Electrical Expression
Supported System Configuration
    Grid Connected Systems
    Stand-alone Systems
Supported Dvices
    Supported Devices Transformer, Cable, Inverter, Combiner Box, Step-up Converter,
PV Module(PV Strings), and User defined Lord Devices
Results Expression
On Screen
    Detail Data Tables and Charts
    Excel Report
    Detail Report
System Requirement
PC Specs
    OS Windows Vista SP2(32bits) / Windows 7(32bits, 64bits) / Windows 8(32bits, 64bits)
    .net Framework .net Framework 3.5 or higher.
    Microsoft Office Microsoft Excel 2003 or higher.
    Memory 1.0GB or higher
    Disk 2.5GB
    Graphics OpenGL 3.0 compatible graphics card
    Internet Connection http(port80) and https(port443) communications are necessary.
If you connect the internet through a proxy server, you can not use Basic or Digest Authentication.